What we do

The Xiros Business Model

Getting your product idea to market effectively and efficiently

At the heart of Xiros’ business strategy is rapid development of innovative ideas into fully developed commercial products.

We work with healthcare professionals, medical device companies and academic institutions to provide various routes to market for inventions in the orthopaedic and sports medicine fields, whether via our Neoligaments brand, our client’s own brand, or Xiros’ links with global medical device companies.

Our rapid response and focused FASTRAX™ service converts concepts into complete solutions through a rigorous project managed process. This can be tailored to suit individual requirements, from completion of certain agreed portions of work over the product development process to full design and development including obtaining regulatory approvals if required.

The FASTRAX process is a Stage-Gate system which offers speed without compromise to quality, providing each of our clients with the most appropriate route to market based on their needs.

For further details on each of the available Stages from proposal to product, please click here.