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Rotator Cuff Technology

Rota-Lok route to market infographic case studies imageProduct:     Rota-Lok™

Indication:     Reconstruction of chronic, massive, full thickness rotator cuff tears

Collaboration with:     Mr. A. Nada, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Nevill Hall Hospital, UK

Marketed by:     Neoligaments

Legal Manufacturer:     Xiros

Case Study:     Mr. Nada, an existing user of our Neoligaments product range, identified the potential for a modified version of our 10 mm Poly-Tape implant to optimize repair of massive rotator cuff tears. The original open weave structure of the Poly-Tape was retained as a central section to provide a scaffold for tissue ingrowth. Thin corded ends were incorporated into the design to enable the implant to pass more easily through small bone tunnels, and the undulating structure of the cords was designed to allow for a small, highly secure knot. The Rota-Lok was launched by Neoligaments in 2010, and continues to be a bestselling product.


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