Winter Sports Injuries

It’s the time of year when people are taking to the slopes in Europe and North America to enjoy a range of winter sports activities. Unfortunately, the allure of skiing and snowboarding can also mean an increased risk of sports injury from falls, jumps and twisting. 30% of skiing injuries affect the knee joint, with the most common knee injuries being to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Skiing is the third most common cause of ACL injury in Britain, after football and rugby, and as most people don’t ski all year round the body can be ill-prepared for the stresses and strains placed on it.

You can get ready for a winter sports holiday by undertaking various strengthening exercises in the six weeks beforehand to prepare the body and reduce the risk of injury on the slope; these include lunges, stretches, balancing, jumps and cardiovascular work. A range of measures can also be taken during the holiday to further protect the body from injury, such as wearing appropriate and well-fitting equipment, taking regular breaks and being aware of the effects of alcohol.

Prepared by experts in physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation, you can read more about how to keep safe and healthy in the snow in this article from The Independent: