Xiros Surgical Launch FlexPasser Tendon Retrieval Kit

Xiros Surgical is excited to announce that the FlexPasserTM Tendon Retrieval Kit for atraumatic retrieval of severed flexor tendons in the hand is now available. This innovative solution was launched at the British Society for Surgery of the Hand Autumn Scientific Meeting at the end of October.

Surgery to repair lacerated or severed flexor tendons in the hand can lead to additional trauma to the tendon end, tendon sheath, and soft tissues which may cause adhesion post-operatively. This trauma and possible adhesion can reduce the range of movement and impair the outcome of the surgery.

The FlexPasser Tendon Retrieval Kit allows for minimal incisions and offers reduced handling of the tendon end compared with other standard techniques. It avoids the need for repeat suturing of the tendon and there is no need to change the surgeons’ preferred repair technique or choice of suture.

To learn more about the FlexPasser Retrieval Kit please visit the Xiros Surgical website at or email