Xiros Staff Participate in Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

At Xiros we are proud to be a highly people-oriented company, with continuous commitment and efforts to improve employee wellbeing.

Last week Xiros provided the opportunity for several employees to participate in a two-day mental health training course that increased awareness of a number of mental health conditions and showed how to assist in the event of a mental health crisis. The course ran during Mental Health Awareness Week, an annual campaign encouraging schools, business, communities and individuals to come together and begin conversations around mental health that can change and save lives.

Michael from the Sales and Marketing team attended the two-day course; he said “Having already completed the physical first aid session a few weeks earlier I wanted to further my training to include mental health training too. I didn’t realise before attending how the two would cross over, as mental health issues can cause physical complications and therefore being trained in both allows me to provide the best care to an individual. I enjoyed the course very much; we discussed various mental health issues and had open discussions exploring what that means for us. There is still a stigma attached to mental health and it’s everybody’s responsibility to set aside our judgements to provide support and open conversations to those suffering”.

Xiros hopes to help remove the stigma associated with mental ill-health and provide a supportive and inclusive workplace for all our employees.