ACL Diary Chapter 2

ACL Diary
At Xiros, we want to create faster healing and better outcomes for the patients of tomorrow.  One of the foundations to do that is to understand the experience that patients have today.  In our new blog series, Sally, a student at a south England University, shares her progress recovering from an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. Follow her experiences from initial injury, through treatment and rehabilitation, to her return to activity.
Please note that Xiros/Neoligaments products were not used in the treatment of this patient, and names have been changed throughout to maintain patient anonymity.
Chapter 2: The Diagnosis
Following two knee injuries whilst competing and training, Sally’s knee collapsed again during an intense practice in late March 2018.  Here she describes her journey in obtaining a diagnosis.
Experiencing my knee caving in on another occasion I knew that something wasn’t quite right, and whatever injury I had acquired in Birmingham wasn’t healing properly, so I went back to hospital. Yet again I was told that everything seemed OK but I was put forward for an MRI scan ‘just to check’.  At this stage I was starting my exam preparation and the hospital couldn’t fit me in until the end of May. Even though I was worried, and knew deep down something was damaged, I never pushed them to see me sooner; I kept telling myself if something was seriously wrong they wouldn’t have been so nonchalant.
Finally, in late June, my GP received the results! It was six  months since my original injury when I got the devastating phone call to say I had completely ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the only way forward was major surgery. It was safe to say I was utterly gutted.
The hospital made me fully aware that rehabilitation was excruciatingly long, and for a competitive sportsperson this was the last thing I wanted to hear! I knew my time as a university stunt cheerleader was over, and that was probably the hardest part of the news that I had to overcome.
Nevertheless, I wanted to be capable of walking the 20 minutes to Uni every day (including a large hill) when I went back in October for my final year, so I needed the operation as soon as possible.
August 8th was to be my surgery date.
Chapter 3: Surgery coming soon.