Xiros Founding Patron in Export Exchange Programme

Xiros is proud to announce that we are a Founding Patron of the new ExportExchange Programme, a new business exchange network in the Leeds City region.

ExportExchange is a peer-to-peer online and offline network which aims to help SMEs within the Leeds City region and beyond to increase exports, grow revenues and create employment. Set up in order to nurture local businesses by helping them to boost international trade, Xiros is one of 50 patrons offering expertise from our success in exporting overseas.

The initiative, delivered by the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership and the Department of International Trade, aims to guide new and inexperienced Yorkshire-based businesses in international trade via help from established companies from the region.

Our Business Ambassadors attended the successful launch event held on 30th June at AQL’s Salem Chapel building. Quarterly events will be held to allow for the interaction between patrons and businesses wanting to get involved with the programme, informing on key issues in the area and offering advice on navigating the range of overseas trade resources that are available.

Xiros wishes the scheme every success and is looking forward to our further participation.

For more information on the programme please visit: