A Model of Exhibition Success

Xiros recently commissioned Ogle Models to develop a 3D printed shoulder model to exhibit our innovative medical solutions at some of the world’s leading trade shows.

The shoulder joint has been carefully modelled to be anatomically correct with realistic soft tissue. Both model and soft tissue had to be transparent so that our products could be implanted using the correct surgical technique, and be viewed from all angles.

The project was overseen by Xiros’ Animation Producer Ashley Mitchell, who worked with Ogle to communicate ideas which were then developed into the stunning model. Dave Bennion, Marketing and Sales Director at Ogle, described Ashley and the team as “consummate professionals”. Ashley commented that “The model looked great and really helped us convey the product and process [of surgical implantation].”

The model has travelled all over the world to orthopaedic trade shows and exhibitions far and wide, including the AAOS in the USA. The eye catching piece really adds pizzazz to our trade show stand.

Come and see us at a future trade show:

To read more about the project and how Ogle went about creating the model, click here.