To Infinity-Lock and Beyond

On 18th April 2016, Xiros launched its eagerly-awaited new product, the Infinity-Lock™.

Developed in conjunction with leading orthopaedic surgeons Prof. Angus Wallace and Mr. Matthew Ravenscroft, the Infinity-Lock is intended to be used for stabilization of acromioclavicular joint separations resulting from disruption to the coracoclavicular ligaments.

The Infinity-Lock is a permanent implantable device, comprising a specially-designed polyester Tube-Tape which loops securely around the coracoid, and a SurfButton, which offers high strength, low profile fixation.

The first Infinity-Lock procedure took place on 19th April 2016, and judging by the high volume of orders already received for this product, it looks set to be the first of many.

The Infinity-Lock is currently being distributed by Neoligaments, a division of Xiros. For further information, including IFU leaflets and ordering information, please visit