A Time for Giving

For many, Christmas is a time of joy, shared with family and loved ones. But for those who don’t have families, the festive season can be a lonely time.

Each year, while we put up decorations to make our offices merry, we spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves; and each year, along with the tinsel, comes the Caring for Life Present List.
The list, provided by local Christian charity Caring for Life, lives in the staff room at Springfield House and comprises present ideas for people in the local community who do not have families and would not otherwise receive gifts at Christmas. Along with their own Christmas shopping, some of our employees buy items from the list to donate to the scheme, and come December the presents are ready to be delivered.

This year the presents ranged from creature comforts like dressing gowns and slippers to home furnishings like lamp shades, and the bulging bags and boxes were delivered to the Caring for Life Farm by volunteers from Xiros. From there, the presents will be sorted, wrapped and passed on to their recipients ready to be opened on Christmas morning.

The feedback we have received from Caring for Life about the difference the gifts we provide can make for those who are alone is truly humbling. Christmas is a time for giving, and as the twenty-fifth draws nearer we give thanks that we are fortunate enough to be able to contribute to such a worthwhile cause. With that in mind, we look forward to the New Year and all of the new opportunities we hope that it will bring.