Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Volunteer Day

Xiros Logo FinalA cool but sunny Wednesday in November 2015 saw a team of volunteers from Xiros heading to Hetchell Wood Nature Reserve for a day of woodland management with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. The day was arranged as part of a scheme where employees can volunteer with local charities during work time. Five members of staff from a wide variety of specialist areas including Quality Assurance, Manufacturing and Product Development took part in what proved to be a fulfilling – if exhausting – venture. The main objective was to clear and widen a track which hadn’t been used for a number of years and had fallen into disrepair. It was hard work and by the end of the day the team were tired and aching, but it was a job well done. The picturesque woodland track has never looked better and is now fully accessible for everyone wishing to embark on brisk winter walks in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.