Xiros Bootcamp and Employee Wellbeing

Boot camp picSeptember 2015 was Wellbeing Month at Xiros, with a variety of health and wellbeing activities being organized for our employees. The agenda included massages and private health screenings, as well as a range of seminars delivered by Andy Romero-Birkbeck of UK Wellbeing Coach Limited, dealing with topics such as healthy eating and stress management. Andy also led weekly Fitness Bootcamp sessions in the grounds of Springfield House, which were extremely popular.

September also saw the launch of the Xiros Biggest Loser Challenge: a friendly competition to see who could lose the highest percentage of body fat over the course of the month. Along with the Fitness Bootcamp, this proved to be a great team building activity, with participants motivating each other and spurring each other on. Andy took waist, height and weight measurements at the beginning and end of the month and in between, participants attended the Bootcamp sessions and seminars as well as exercising and dieting in their spare time.

The results were fantastic, with everybody having lost at least 1.5% of their total body weight by the end of Wellbeing Month. The winner of the challenge lost a phenomenal 7.64%, which was an amazing achievement; although the fact that everybody reported feeling fitter, healthier and generally more motivated than they had at the beginning of the challenge meant that everyone who took part was a winner in the end.

Following this astounding success, we’ve decided to keep the weekly Fitness Bootcamp running permanently.