Government Grants Assistance for New Technologies

Xiros Logo FinalXiros has recently been awarded two prestigious grants from the Government-funded Technology Strategy Board, which will enable the company to move forward with two projects to develop exciting new technologies.

The first project (SMART), which was started in August, is to develop an implantable shoulder repair device using a novel biomaterial fibre. The fibre, which has been developed in our on-site laboratory, is slowly resorbable in the body. This will enable strong and effective repairs without leaving foreign material, which may otherwise have potential to cause complications, in the body permanently. With funding from TSB, Xiros will be able to complete most pre-clinical testing and establish the biological safety of the new fibre. If this is successful, it is expected to open the way for a series of new implants based on Xiros’ unique fibre.

The second project is one of the first to be supported under the new Biomedical Catalyst scheme. Using an idea developed at the University of Bolton, it aims to improve and test a new fibre intended for wound dressing materials. The new, highly absorbent fibre will offer better wound management for patients with wound healing problems.

For further information about Xiros’ biomedical fibre capabilities and opportunities for collaborative or contract R&D, contact Jim Rowland at