Testing, Testing

Xiros has recently appointed multi-talented Bioengineer Robin  Chivers to manage and run operations in its state-of-the-art Test Laboratory.


Robin, who sings bass with the York Music Society and plays the flute in his spare time, is in charge of an extensive testing regime to supply data and routine measurements for quality control as well as the mechanical test data needed during the development of new products. Robin also supports the new product development process in his capacity as Bioengineer by reviewing literature and preparing the Clinical Evaluations required for the launch of new products.

Robin has particular expertise in polymer physics, medical and surgical adhesives and orthopaedic biomechanics. As a result of his extensive knowledge of adhesive materials and his many years of working with such materials at Smith & Nephew, Robin is also a Board Member of the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives.

As more and more new products are developed and more testing is required, here’s hoping Robin will stick with Xiros.